Kristi has developed a workshop in five sessions to help local church leaders and musicians evaluate the lyrics of the songs their congregations are currently singing. This workshop can be conducted by a member of the congregation or a visiting cross-cultural worker. As believers look at their lyrics through the Bible’s lens, comparing the lyrics of Scripture with the songs they are singing each week, they are inspired, edified, and challenged. They are motivated to write songs in their local dialect which reflect the richness of the songs of Scripture, and their hearts are fed by meditation of God’s Word. As they compare the songs of Scripture with their songs, the Holy Spirit shows them aspects of their repertory that need to change.

These sessions can be adapted for literary and oral cultures, large and small groups, with or without translation. See the moderator’s guide for more details.

Kristi can be reached through the Ecclémusica email address: contact(at)

Workshop booklet

Moderator’s guide