2015 Christmas concert at St-Denis

Ecclémusica held its third Christmas concert on December 27, 2015 at the Evangelical Baptist Church of St-Denis. Preparations for the concert began several months earlier, as the directors discussed the choice of the musical works and the practice schedule. We are especially grateful to Ruth Coleman, Francis Schneider, and Olivier Hoffmann who worked on typesetting the music.

This year the Lord allowed us to form a large choir and orchestra of 50 people from eight different local churches in the greater Paris area. During the concert, several of the musicians performed their own instrumental arrangements of beautiful Christmas carols. After the short message from God’s Word brought by Albert Xandry, the musicians returned for a final piece for choir, string quartet, and piano duo: "O Come, All Ye Faithful," arranged by Dan Forrest. More than 260 people squeezed into the church sanctuary and side rooms to enjoy the concert. We praise the Lord for this opportunity to sing to Him a new song and to declare His glory among the nations (Psalm 96).

Listen to several pieces from the concert and the Bible message: see mp3 files below.