Speaker : Marc Dirlewanger
Event : "Ancient and New Songs" Conference (La Pastorale, Plan-d’Aups-Ste-Baume)
Workshop : Reflections about Composition and Repertory (mp3 in French)

Reflections about Composition and Repertory

Bio : Marc is married and the father of three adult children. After having studied music at a local conservatory, he has taught music and piano for more than twenty years to students of all ages. He has composed many songs and served as choir director, accompanist or arranger for various groups. He also has done many recordings, particularly with the choirs Psalmodie and Adonia. He directs choirs for special occasions for musicians such as Philippe Decourroux and Pat Berning.
Marc also manages a home studio which is especially geared to choral recordings. In 2022, he was part of a team that published a new hymnbook for French-speaking churches in Switzerland and France entitled A toi l’honneur (To You Be the Honor).