Follow-up seminar on composition and mini-pedagogical concert

On February 24, 2018, several of the participants of the November 2017 music conference at Champfleuri gathered at the Eglise Evangélique Baptiste of St-Denis, along with several other friends in the Paris area. Together we watched two presentations about the November conference which summarized the event and composer Dan Forrest’s instruction.

In the second half of the seminar, a small choir sight-read several pieces composed by the composition students from the November conference. We enjoyed hearing beautiful hymns and arrangements by Francis Schneider, Didier Silberstein, Bénédicte Bailleux, Samuel Schott et Pierre-Emmanuel Kasprzak. After a time of testimonies and discussion with the other attendees, we ended the evening with refreshments and fellowship.

We thank the Lord for this opportunity to encourage those who are seeking to write new hymns and choral arrangements for our churches.