Ecclémusica exists to help biblical Gospel-preaching churches in fulfilling their missions of corporate worship and evangelism. We provide help to churches in a number of ways, including :

Music workshops for songleaders, pianists, instrumentalists, choir directors, choir members, teens, and composers
Theological training on themes such as worship, the role of music in evangelism, congregational singing
Practical help in preparing Christmas or Easter programs
Multi-church concerts for edification and evangelism
Inter-generational music camps
Recordings of Bible stories for the evangelism of French-speaking families in Europe, Africa and beyond
A music library of scores in French

Because we believe that the local church has a central role in God’s divine plan, each of our members is involved in a Gospel-preaching church.
During our conferences and workshops, different pastors, theologians, and professional Christian musicians invited by Ecclémusica provide edifying instruction for our Christian brothers and sisters.

Several samples to explore

(Because we seek to edify the French-speaking church primarily, most of these examples are in French)

Listen to an excerpt from composer Dan Forrest’s workshop on composition (click here to see a video summary).

Listen to samples of our African version of Bible stories for the family. Alliance Mandoumbou of Gabon explains the Gospel in 11 stories from Genesis to Revelation.

Listen here to an arrangement of the hymn "Rejoice, the Lord is King" by Fred and Ruth Coleman, performed by a multi-church choir and orchestra at a Christmas concert in 2015.

Hear a performance of "How Deep the Father’s Love for Us", sung at a wedding in March 2018.
This score is available in our music library.

May these resources from the past and those yet to come edify the church of Jesus Christ!