Music & Bible Conference 2023

(Re)discover treasures from the past and present for congregation, choir, and children

Do you like to sing, play a musical instrument, or praise the Lord with music? Do you enjoy learning beautiful songs from the past and present? Are you eager to choose the best songs for a worship service, a children’s Bible club, or a choir? You are welcome to join us in southern France at Plan d’Aups this fall, October 23-28. Other than Chris Anderson’s preaching and teaching, the conference will be held in French. Registration deadline: September 14, 2023

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SPEAKER : Chris Anderson (USA)

Chris Anderson served as a pastor for twenty-five years—first as the founding pastor of Tri-County Bible Church in Northeast Ohio and then as lead pastor of Killian Hill Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. He now serves as Vice President of Global Opportunities for Biblical Ministries Worldwide—preaching and writing on the Great Commission, training churches to be effective senders, and challenging believers in churches, camps, conferences, and colleges to embrace the cause of worldwide evangelism.

Chris is the author of three books—The God Who Satisfies, Panosian: A Story of God’s Gracious Providence, and Theology That Sticks: The Life-Changing Power of Exceptional Hymns. He is the President of Church Works Media and is a contributing author and editor for CWM’s popular Gospel Meditations devotional series. He is perhaps most recognized as a hymn-writer, composing lyrics for “His Robes for Mine,” “I Run to Christ,” “My Jesus, Fair,” and over fifty others. He recently earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from The Master’s Seminary. Chris and his wife Lori have four beautiful and godly daughters and an amazing son-in-law.

CHOIR : Marc Dirlewanger (Switzerland)

Marc is married and the father of three adult children. After having studied music at a local conservatory, he has taught music and piano for more than twenty years to students of all ages. He has composed many songs and served as choir director, accompanist or arranger for various groups. He also has done many recordings, particularly with the choirs Psalmodie and Adonia. He directs choirs for special occasions for musicians such as Philippe Decourroux and Pat Berning.

Marc also manages a home studio which is especially geared to choral recordings. In 2022, he was part of a team that published a new hymnbook for French-speaking churches in Switzerland and France entitled A toi l’honneur (To You Be the Honor).

ORCHESTRA : Estelle Truschel (France)

As a music teacher in the Paris suburbs, Estelle brings to Ecclémusica the finesse of her classical violinist training. She serves the Lord alongside her husband Pierre and their two little boys in their church near Meaux. She often directs the choral and instrumental workshops organized by Ecclémusica.

WORKSHOPS: Rachel Gamper (Switzerland) and other team members

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