In Leviticus 10.3, the Lord states, “Among those who are near me I will be sanctified, and before all the people I will be glorified.” In the Old Testament, God’s people could not draw near to him any way they chose: they had to follow His specific instructions. What about in the New Testament? What role does the song/worship leader have in the worship of God’s people in the Church?

We have prepared a study guide about these theological aspects of the worship service. You may also be interested in this recording of a seminar by Michel Loiret. Both resources are in French.

– Theological Aspects of Leading Worship –
Seminar by Michel Loiret

Download the French handout

Preparing a worship service is challenging. For song/worship leaders who are not musicians, it may even feel impossible. However, singing and reading of Scripture are such important parts of a corporate worship service that they deserve careful attention. Our second study guide focuses on these practical aspects of leading a worship service. It provides guidance in putting together a time of corporate worship that is coherent and that points the worshipers’ attention to the Lord.

We have also included the recording of a seminar taught by Robert Doucette on this subject. These resources are in French.

– Aspects of Leading Worship –
Seminar by Robert Doucette

Download the French handout

We invite you to use these resources in your local churches as part of your training of song/worship leaders. We are also available to organize a seminar in your church. You can write to us at, or reach us at +33 172 53 28 87.