Course Information for Level 1 (2022)

1. Is this course available in English ?

No, it is only available in French. The English-speaking world already has many good resources.

2. Who should take this course ?

Level 1 of the Piano Dac course was designed for beginners, including people who have never taken a single piano lesson. It is also appropriate for those who have some background in hymnplaying but who would like to reinforce basic musical concepts.

3. What material is taught in Level 1 ?

By the end of Level 1, students should be able to :
⯀ Play several hymns by ear and by reading music (first, just the melody, and eventually, the melody in the right hand and chords in the left hand)
⯀ Play C Major and G Major scales and primary chords
⯀ Identify these notes on the grand staff (both the treble and bass clefs)
⯀ Demonstrate correct posture at the keyboard
⯀ Feel both duple and triple meter
⯀ Improvise in C and G Major
⯀ Sightread simple rhythms (whole, half, and quarter notes as well as their corresponding rests)
⯀ Sightread a leadsheet (a score containing a melody and chords) and demonstrate understanding of a four-part hymn score

4. Who teaches this course ?

Kristi Colas is the primary teacher. She has been playing for church services since she was a teenager. She has degrees in music education and ethnomusicology, and she has been serving the Lord in France since 2008.

5. What is the course’s format ?

Level 1 of the course contains six modules that can be accessed on our online learning platform. Teaching is done by pre-recorded video instead of live instruction, in order to have a better audio quality.
Students have up to two weeks to complete each module. At the end of the third month, their account will be automatically disactivated.
To complete a module, students respond to questions on the platform and videotape themselves playing the songs and exercises. Next, they send their video to their teacher/coach. If the teacher suggests any corrections, students will be required to make a second video.
Regular personal practice is essential for this course.

6. What is the application process ?

Students need to fill out the registration form online or download it and send it to the secretary, Eve Corda. They will be informed if they have been accepted in a session or if they are on a waiting list. Only a few students will be accepted in each session because of a limited number of available teachers.
Once their registration form has been accepted, they will be instructed to send their payment quickly to reserve their place in the session. They can pay by bank transfer or by check.
At the beginning of the session, the students will receive a link that will enable them to create an account on the online platform. They will then have access to the first module.

7. What does the course cost ?

Level 1 costs 60€ per student. If more than one family member takes a Piano Dac course the same year, we will offer a reduced rate (50€ for the second family member, 40€ for any other family members).
If a student chooses to drop out before the second month of the course, he or she can be reimbursed for half of the course cost if they inform the treasurer, Melanie Webster. Once the second month has begun, no reimbursement will be possible.

8. What material is required ?

⯀ A piano or digital keyboard
⯀ A piano bench with adjustable height
⯀ A smartphone or a tablet
⯀ A stable selfie stand (for recording oneself playing)
⯀ A printer

9. Is this course designed for children ?

No, it was designed for adults and young people junior high and up.