Champfleuri Conference 2019

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where will we find more musicians for our church?” Many of our churches face this problem. Either we have no musicians at all, or very few. However, many children in our churches do take music lessons. How can we better encourage and equip them to serve the Lord as they grow up, both musically and spiritually?

About fifty believers from several regions of France and the country of Luxembourg gathered at the Champfleuri Evangelical Center near Grenoble from October 29 to November 2, 2019. Together, we considered the theme “How to pass the musical and spiritual baton to the next generation.” Luc and Catherine Vanzo told us about their musical and spiritual heritage as well as the different challenges and blessings they have experienced together over the years. Jean-Marc and Anne Hoffmann did a beautiful presentation about the importance of singing together as a family. We considered together different reasons why many young musicians do not get involved in their church’s music ministry. During a round-table discussion, several solutions based on the Word of God were proposed.

Stéphane Blanc taught excellent Bible messages each evening on the theme of God’s mercy as demonstrated in the life of the prophet Jonah. Throughout the week, both large and small music ensembles met for practice. The kids had their own program thanks to some dedicated women.

On Wednesday, we took advantage of a sunny day to visit the beautiful countryside. At the end of the conference, we enjoyed a special evening of music. Solos, duos, trios, instrumental numbers, and even a skit made up the program. We especially enjoyed hearing the performances of music that participants of the conference had composed or arranged.

You can hear recordings (in French) of the different sessions below.