« Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. » (Colossians 3.16)

Ecclémusica is a non-profit organization that was founded in Paris, France on May 24, 2013. The goal of the Ecclémusica team is to help equip French-speaking local churches in both sacred music and evangelism. This two-part goal is found in Psalm 96, verses 1 and 3: "Sing unto the Lord a new song… Declare His glory among the nations."

We do this by various means, such as music training, theological seminars, concerts, camps, evangelistic recordings of Bible stories, and a music library.

Would you like to know more about our team members ?

Board of Directors
▢ Kristi Colas, president
▢ Mélanie Webster, treasurer
▢ Eve Corda, secretary

Evangelism Committee
▢ André et Marie-France Borowy
▢ Myriam Jaccaz
▢ Véronique Lespect

Worship Committee
▢ Kristi Colas
▢ Emmanuel et Eve Corda
▢ Robert Doucette
▢ Olivier Hoffmann
▢ Juhyun Lee
▢ Francis Schneider
▢ Estelle Truschel
▢ Isabelle Williams-Tréhout
▢ Patricia Xandry


André and his dear wife Marie-France help promote Ecclémusica’s Bible story recordings and provide wise counsel to the Ecclémusica team thanks to their many years of sharing the Gospel. They have served for many years in their local church in Epinal. He is the treasurer for Ecclémusica.
Marie-France BOROWY
Together with her husband André, she serves faithfully in many ways in their local church in Epinal. Their years of experience bring a wise perspective to the Ecclémusica Bible story recording projects. She will soon be retiring after many years of working in daycare.
Kristi COLAS
As she serves as president of the association and missionary in a church plant in Sarcelles, Kristi rejoices to see how the Lord has answered her prayers for opportunities to serve French-speaking churches in practical ways. She also teaches English and piano and is working on a masters in ethnomusicology.
Emmanuel CORDA
In addition to his work as a physics and chemistry teacher, he plays the piano, clarinet and harmonica. He has been involved in his church in the suburbs of Paris for many years. He contributes solid biblical teaching in Ecclémusica’s conferences and seminars and serves with his wife Eve.
Wife of Emmanuel, flutist, and faithful secretary for Ecclémusica, Eve serves in her local church in Ris-Orangis and helps with many of the administrative details of the association.
Pastor and singer, Robert has been serving the Lord in France since 2004. He became the pastor of the Bible Baptist Church in Vernon after having completed theological training. Having grown up in the States, he is familiar with the vast repertoire of Christian music in English. He desires to help contribute to the development of good-quality French Christian music.
Before beginning her current jobs in tourism and education, Myriam completed a three-year program at Bible college in order to be more useful to the Lord in her local church in Perpignan and elsewhere. Her role in Ecclémusica is primarily with the evangelism committee.
Juhyun LEE
After completing studies in music education and violin in South Korea, Joo had the opportunity to study French in Rouen, France in 2010. She returned to France in 2017 to work on a masters in research and orchestra in Poitiers. She desires to help the Ecclémusica team with music training, focusing on instrumentalists.
Véronique LESPECT
After working for 30 years in daycare, Véronique is now retired and serves the Lord with her husband in their church near Toulon. They have three children and six grandchildren. She loves to share the Gospel of Jesus-Christ with boys and girls and serves Ecclémusica on the evangelism committee.
Married to Martine, Francis is a composer, graphic designer, and servant in his church, the Eglise Evangélique of Weislingen in Alsace, France. He is convinced that the local church is a blessing and safeguard for the Christian artist. He seeks to continually improve his musical abilities as well as sight-reading through piano lessons. He also enjoys drawing cartoons, which he signs as "Paco," the Spanish form of "Francis."
As a music teacher in the Paris suburbs, Estelle brings to Ecclémusica the finesse of her classical violinist training. She serves the Lord alongside her husband Pierre in their church near Meaux. She plays an integral part in Ecclémusica with the organization and instruction of choral and instrumental workshops and concerts.
Melanie serves the Lord at the Eglise Biblique Baptiste de Rouen with her husband Michael. After 30 years of ministry in Quebec, God led them to France in 2016. They have four children and ten grandchildren on the other side of the Atlantic. Melanie takes care of finances for Ecclémusica.
This sister in Christ is never bored. Whether she is caring for her husband, two daughters, or serving with music in her local church south of Paris, she finds her joy and strength in the Lord. She provides choral and vocal training during Ecclémusica’s seminars and camps, drawing from many years of experience as a professional singer.
Patricia XANDRY
As a mother, pastor’s wife at St-Denis, pianist, and director of special programs in her multi-ethnic church, Patricia is able to provide wise, practical counsel to the Ecclémusica team. During the school year, she works in daycare.